Wednesday, 19 June 2024

FlexTour idea is to develop a job oriented and efficient e-learning package for inactive women, who are not seeking for a job because of their barriers against full time regular job attendance. So, the primary goal here is to bring back these inactive women to working life for their personal satisfaction, for small tourism companies to employ in a flexible way and cut down their overhead expenses, and European economy to grow in parallel to 2020 horizon.

Our first priority being addressed is, Developing VET and business partnerships aimed at promoting work-based (in the Hotel and Gastronomy environment) learning in all its forms (via mentoring, e-learning and in situ practices-learning under mentoring alternative form of apprenticeship training), by involving social partners NGOs, companies and VET providers and with a specific focus on the local and regional dimension in order to produce concrete results on the ground.

FlexTour answers this priority from all dimensions, by its partnership structure; bringing together VET, business and social partners (NGOs), by the concept; developing diverse and innovative VET content for continuous learning of both mentors and mentees (who will work in the Hotel and Gastronomy environment while learning under mentoring support (where these mentors will be also trained by FlexTour e-learning system in metoring); realisation of the resulting employment in local and regional level, where trainees live.

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