Sunday, 08 December 2019
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Curriculum will be converted in to e-learning package and placed on the e-learning system. This innovative and work-based educational model, focused on the exchange and synergy between training and the world of work, will improve achievement in VET education and, at the same time, will increase competences and skills in the tourism sector employees in a lifelong learning and gender equality perspective. Moreover, it will enhance access to quality training for inactive women including young women with a very sustainable investment, based on a learning.

The biggest difference of our program from conventional VET programs at VET schools:

1. Program will allow the individual to use any of her past experience/knowledge/training and build things on top for their immediate employment,

2. Practical training to allow to continue while working,

3. More options and chances in returning to working life, flexible learning and flexible working.

Moreover a new innovative dimension will be introduction of short movies and further inclusion of avatar features to developed e-learning modules (game-like features). This will definitely increase the attractiveness of the e-learning modules and give a very clear idea to the learner about the job she is trying to get to.

This e-leraning course will be open to be transferred to similar e-learning structures.

After development of detailed e-training curricula, the exact form of e-training course will be decided.

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