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Output 1 Curriculum Improvement and Finalisation of Learning Structure Design - Participants' Lists; existing and new learning material is reviewed and project curriculum has been finalised for 3 target groups. Curriculum is in three major elements:

1. Mentor training program for primary target group,

2. Hotel Industry and Gastronomy training program for secondary target group , how to keep good customer relationship and satisfaction, how to improve personal and communication skills,  how to manage marketing and sales in the right way and etc, and flexible job employment positions,

3. Short training for Hotel Industry and Gastronomy Enterprises about "mentoring", advantages of "flexible employment", advantages of "women employment",

Output 2 FlexTour e-learning program; including these 3 major elements by curriculum has been converted in to e-learning package. The learning package has been enriched by e-Training movies; by avatars (cartoons) telling the lessons,

Output 3 FlexTour Web Portal (www.Flex-Tour.eu) to contain an e-handbook as a help system,

Output 4 Field Trials & Final Analysis and FlexTour Model's Report, to be a reference source for similar attempts in other sectors.

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